"The multimedia dance play adapts Tove Jansson’s The Tales from the Moominvalley. The Finnish classic is given a family friendly contemporary dance makeover and won a Shanghai EXPO 2010 Culture Award." thatsmags.com

maanantai 9. elokuuta 2010

Greetings from the Shanghai EXPO part 1

Ni hao. Wow. Here we are, in the World EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, China. The EXPO area is huge and crowded and humid and so is the city itself.

We arrived on Sunday morning and got to EXPO for a rehearsal. Today we've already opened the digigraphie exhibition of Tove Jansson's art by the Moominvalley of Tampere Art Museum and celebrated the 65th birthday of Moomintroll (which is the same day as the birthday of the late artist, 9th of August). The characters have made appearences inside and outside of Kirnu, the Finnish pavillion in the EXPO.

Later today we'll have the first whole performance as the contemporary dance piece Dancing Moominvalley will take over the stage on Europe Square. Wish us luck! The hot and humid weather is very challenging for the dancers, but nevertheless we'll put up a mighty show. We also made the cover of the daily EXPO Events Chedule so we're expecting a good crowd.

Monday 9th of August at 4 pm Shanghai time

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