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maanantai 2. elokuuta 2010

Kielellisiä Part 4: Fantasy Reading


The Tampere Theatre Festival is getting started this week. Did you know?


Also The Great Nocturnal Happening is arriving to town on the 5th of August.

So, be aware while walking the Hämeenkatu. You might run into the dancing moomins. That is Thursday. Starting around at 4pm.

I suppose it might be Little My leading the whole bunch towards the Moominvalley.

What else? There is definitely fantasy in the air.


Have you ever heard of the Transcript?

"Transcript is a bi-monthly review of books and writing from around Europe. Its aim is to promote quality literature written in the 'smaller' languages and to give wider circulation to material from small-language literary publications through the medium of English, French and German."

In Transcript I found an article by Sirke Happonen, 'Pictures that give wings to fantasy: the relationship between illustration and text in Tove Jansson's Moomin books'.


(An article by Sirke Happonen, Translated by Thomas Warburton.)

Listen to this:

"The distinctiveness of the Moomin books is largely due to the marriage text and picture, and the tension between illustration and storyline. "

"The collaboration between word and picture achieves Jansson's view of the relationship between illustration and text: the task of illustration is to continue the fantasy, not to restrict it."

I keep reading, "(...)the task of illustration is to continue the fantasy, not to restrict it." As is the task of contemporary dance. Dance leaves a great deel for the audiences own fantasy, in both 'misreadings' and 'understanding'. Whatever they may be.

One more thing about Transcipt:

"Transcript is published by Literature Across Frontiers, the European programme for literary exchange and policy debate, with the support of the Culture 2000 programme of the European Union. Literature Across Frontiers operates through partnership with a network of literature and translation organisations."

So, greetings from Tampere. On our way to Shanghai.

Samuli Roininen, Dancer-choreographer, Dance Theatre MD

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