"The multimedia dance play adapts Tove Jansson’s The Tales from the Moominvalley. The Finnish classic is given a family friendly contemporary dance makeover and won a Shanghai EXPO 2010 Culture Award." thatsmags.com

tiistai 30. elokuuta 2011

On the Road Part 12: ESSEN

Photos: Samuli Roininen, Copyrights: Moomin Characters Ltd

Hallo again,

Greetings from Essen, Germany.

We had a good show and a happy audience in Werden, the city where also the Folkwang Tanzstudio is based. Lots of good traditions going on in Werden.

Here in the photos we are having a dress herearsal for the evenings show. Have a look.

A dress rehearsal is a full-scale rehearsal or practice of a theater or musical performance. This practice is intended to perfect the performance before the public sees it, making sure every detail of the show meets expectations. The cast members wear their costumes and accessories during the dress rehearsal. They may even have the practice in front of the backdrop and using the props designed for the upcoming theater performance.


So, thank you Essen-Werden. We were having a good time. See you soon again, I hope.

Dance Theatre MD
Tampere, Finland

torstai 18. elokuuta 2011

On the Road Part 11: FinnFest2011/SAN DIEGO

Kuva: Samuli Roininen, ©Moomin Characters™

Greetings from California.

"The 2011 FinnFest USA festival, held at the Town & Country Convention and Resort Center in San Diego, had promised a chance to get to know contemporary Finland. Attendees confirm that Finland took on new meaning as a contemporary country with a contemporary culture with much to interest all Americans, regardless of their previous connection to Finland.

A major festival highlight included the chance to interact with the Moomins, the characters created by Tove Jansson in a series of beloved Finnish children's books about Moominvalley. Both children and adults wanted to talk to the Moomins and have their photograph taken with the Moomins. Minneapolis attorney, Elaine Kumpula, who had provided the legal assistance needed for the Moomins get their visas to come to the USA, was only one of many who went home with photos. The Moomins themselves had such a good time at the festival that they began discussions with the FinnFest USA board about how they could become a regular feature at future festivals."
Written by Marianne Wargelin, Finnish Honorary Consul in the Twin Cities


Thank you, FinnFest. We enjoyed it.

Dance Theatre MD
Tampere, Finland

torstai 11. elokuuta 2011

Dancing Moomins in Finnfest 2011

You can meet the Dancing Moomins in San Diego, CA, USA. The Moomins take part of the FinnFest 2011 on August 11th, 12th and 13th.

Check us out at Tori or at the Town & Country Room!