"The multimedia dance play adapts Tove Jansson’s The Tales from the Moominvalley. The Finnish classic is given a family friendly contemporary dance makeover and won a Shanghai EXPO 2010 Culture Award." thatsmags.com

maanantai 19. tammikuuta 2015

On the Road Part 30: Gothenburg

Welcome to Satellit Festival!

"Satellit Festival lands for the third time in Gothenburg and soon all of West Sweden will sparkle with dance performances from the entire Nordic region.

In March 2015, we are proud to present four fantastic festival days in Gothenburg as well as a tour of West Sweden filled with dance performances for children and young people.

During the festival days children, parents, teachers, dancers, choreographers and people from all corners of dance society gathers to see dance, discuss dance and practice dance. The festival’s full program and tickets will be released in early 2015!"

Further information: Satellitfestival