"The multimedia dance play adapts Tove Jansson’s The Tales from the Moominvalley. The Finnish classic is given a family friendly contemporary dance makeover and won a Shanghai EXPO 2010 Culture Award." thatsmags.com

lauantai 15. toukokuuta 2010

On the Road Part 3: The Night of the Museums

Photo: Ari Ijäs, Copyrights: Moomin Characters Ltd


About the Night of the Museums.

"The Night of the Museums takes place on May 15th in Tampere, with several museums being open from 6 pm to 12 am. In addition to the beautiful exhibitions, the museums and galleries taking part in the Night of the Museums also offer various kinds of special events for their visitors. The Tampere Night of the Museums is part of a European series of events."


Welcome on board!!

Entrance fee: 5 ¬, group ticket 12 ¬ (max. 5 persons/group)

Special chance to meet also Snuffkin and Little Myy.

Saturdey May the 15th At 7pm:

Peeks into Dancing Moomin Valley: Snuffkin and Little My from Tanssiteatteri MD perform. (Moominvalley)

See You there. In the Moominvalley.


"The Moominvalley of the Tampere Art Museum is a museum devoted to original works by writer and artist Tove Jansson. Its unique collections comprise around 2,000 works.

The museum is based on the Moomin books by Tove Jansson. So far, they have been translated into nearly 40 languages. The books fascinate adults and children alike. The original Moomin illustrations by Tove Jansson are an essential part of the atmosphere of the museum, and the three-dimensional tableaux built by Tuulikki Pietilä add to our own picture of the goings-on in the Moomin stories. The gem of the collection is a blue five-storey Moomin House that is as exceptional as its residents, and its builders, Tuulikki Pietilä, Pentti Eistola and Tove Jansson."

Samuli Roininen, Dancer-Choreographer, Dance Theatre MD

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