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sunnuntai 28. lokakuuta 2012

On the Road Part 19: FinnFest2012, Tucson, AZ

Hi there,

Greetings from Tampere. 

Tomorrow we are about to have the very last rehearsals before we lounch for the tournee, first for Eura here in Finland, then a couple of days later for Tucson, Arizona. 

Also this year, The Dancing Moominvalley production, Dance Theatre MD together with Heikki Maenpaa’s Orchestra will be seen during the FinnFest activities.

Festivals programming for kids and families includes hands-on activities, musical theater, films and Finnish language in a fun setting. You'll also learn how to play a kantele, an easy to learn Finnish string instrument from back in the day…

Dancing Moomins will be also seen at the Variety Show – Iltamat in Finnish. This will be an unforgettable evening based on the old Finn Hall tradition tracing back to Finland. Iltamat includes variety of programming from reciting poems, humor, a short play and always ends in dance.  

We like that. See you at the Iltamat!! That is on Friday the 9th of November at 8 pm.

Dancing Moominvalley Team

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